Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Enterprise Mobility Trends Adopted for the Year 2015

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The mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. It Play’s a measure role in personal and professional life both. For business communication they help in fulfilling the business goals and are meant for collaboration and sharing purpose. Smartphones and tablets are actually the supercomputers in present scenario.
Here comes the huge demand for an enterprise business solution to develop a mobility initiative in 2015 that is challenging a bit. Enterprises have two options either they can go for an in-house mobile development or opt for an outsourcing mobile agency. One should choose the best according to their requirement. If for the year ahead you have not planned a mobility strategy then it’s time to develop something really fast. You need to adapt your business to the latest mobile technology in a quick manner.

Following are the top three enterprise mobility trends to watch for the year 2015:

1.) Enterprises will Hunt for Mobile App developers
Mobile App developers are aware of the fact that the risks which are faced while developing mobile consumer apps are quite enormous. The demand for mobility for large companies is growing on a large scale. If you want to develop a mobile product then you should consider further investment. You need to look out for a reputable and experienced mobile application development company which can actually help you get the best mobile application services and solution.

2.) Large Companies will Spend More on Mobile
The enterprise mobility is driving great expenditure within large corporations. If your enterprise is still using an outdated and cumbersome legacy technologies, then the time has come to go for a well-developed mobile strategy. There are many applications and technologies which are connected to many enterprise databases and can face the challenge in 2015. They can actually make the existing platforms mobile centric. Many of the enterprises are migrating their old legacy based technology systems towards the mobile cloud. It is surely going to be the driving force for many of the largest corporate IT expenditure which we can witness throughout the year ahead.

3.) Use of Internet of Things in Mobile Enterprise Solutions
The advent of internet of things (IoT) is definitely destined to have a strong presence in the modern enterprise. It’s not only the first generation of enterprise platforms that are expected to go for the IoT space but there is much more to expect these solutions to go for mainstream in year 2015. 2015 is surely going to be a year where there is going to be lot many experimentations to be done for all of the (IoT) solutions in the enterprise.

4.) Huge Demand for Context Aware Apps
In year 2015 there is going to be a large scope for the context aware apps which is already a big business affair. If your company is developing a mobility initiative you need to really think twice before giving consumer what they want at the precise point of time. The developed apps need to take into consideration the old behavior of the user, location and time of day so as to provide them the recommendations accordingly. Take for example there is an app which uses the weather data such as temperature and snowfall in order to take into account the related products and services. By keeping these points into consideration marketers and enterprise app developers can certainly create the greatest experiences for the users.

5.) More Use of Corporate Messaging Tools in Future
There has been advanced use of the unified communications which has somehow made major transitions in the way of communication. It hence streamlined the process of instant message services and also video conferencing that too from mobile devices.

Hence, in the coming years there will be growing demand for the enterprise mobility trends and obviously great demand for mobile expertise, to speed up things quickly.

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