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Know About Common Myths and Reality of Cloud Computing

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In spite of Cloud Computing has been rapid adoption and IT agenda of most organizations for the past few years is still prone to some misinformation and myths. There are lots of misconceptions surrounding cloud computing. Whether it is related to Data security, running application or cost saving. Which is really a matter of concern as it make things slower, obstructs innovation and distracts the real progress.

Here I came up with top 5 cloud computing myths versus realities which will help you to take right decision for your business. 

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Myth 1: Cloud is cheaper & Saves money
Reality: This sounds tempting. Right? But in reality things are different. It is only assumption that it is always cheaper to move to the cloud. In reality it is not always the same, but we can consider it to be cost efficient as it does not require any hardware or infrastructure, data maintenance server or human source to look for its operation. But we cannot ignore other important software services which depend on variable demands that charge to the users. Cloud works depending on the user’s demands and workload. According to the demand costs vary. Sometimes it costs a very little but it is not necessary the case will  always remain the same. Hence it is an important factor, one should not take it for granted.
It  totally depends on the user. One needs to plan how to use this technology. Be careful not to add services which are not required because cloud makes it very simple to add on services and capacity which sometimes might become completely unaffordable. So always choose the provider who will offer you the best service.

Myth 2: All Cloud is equal and flexible for all type of business
Reality: No Doubt, Cloud is good for all type of business whether it is for large scale company, for an entrepreneur, institution or online firm. But cloud fits according to business, its requirement, every task that an individual or the IT organisation needs to perform. The Private cloud is good for some activity and applications, the public cloud is for other activity and in the same way hybrid for other. All the activities have different use  case and accordingly it is used for different need to understand what kind of service it wants as all kind of activities or applications cannot be benefit from the cloud.

Myth 3: Data is not secured well in cloud
Reality: This is the major myth surrounding the cloud. Data security is very essential for all undoubtedly. But when we talk about cloud many have security issues. In reality all the other traditional IT  solutions also face the same problem, Only difference is, if you are operating in the cloud your cloud hosting provider is equally responsible for security. Many top cloud service providers offer multiple security measures, dedicated firewalls and cutting-edge encryption to the highest possible ISO, ISAE and PCI data security standard.

Myth 4: Everything is automatic in cloud – No external support required
Reality: Off course everything is very smooth with cloud, everything from infrastructure set up, deployment to execution level can be automated. In fact there is no need of human source for auto scaling and self-healing but for this it requires expertise and skills to properly integrate cloud application with existing IT solutions. If you do not have such knowledge then you require support at least for short term. They not only provide amazing support but also gives you knowledge about cloud technology and offer tips to enhance your business on regular basis.

Myth 5: Cloud will lock – in to one provider
Reality: It is total myth to lock – in to one provider, in fact businesses have many options to switch the vendors allowing them to avoid lock in to one provider. There are multiple options available for switching only effective intermediaries is required. Hence, Seamless integration is possible for data movement.

I would like to conclude here don’t distract yourself from such kind of myths. It may keep you away from the innovative and easy business solutions. So it’s very essential to do your homework thoroughly, consult a cloud specialist and understand all of your requirements and ask any question if you have but don’t rely on these myths.

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