Tuesday, 3 October 2017

How Can Social Media Affect Your Business?

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source: Aumcore.com

Social media marketing is a hallmark of today’s business world. It’s a customer-centric way of building relationships that can appeal directly consumer emotions, change behavior and affect decision-making. Its way of creating a network that deepens intimacy between brands and their consumers by forming a medium in which all parties can exchange ideas.
The point is that the impact of social media marketing on your business can be great and, more importantly, can be used in your favor. To exemplify, here are three ways the impact of social media can be used in your business’ favor.

1: Social Media as a Way to Connect with Customers
As much as enterprise social media is a way for professionals to connect with each other, it’s also an avenue for enterprises to connect directly with their customers. How? By forming a community for customers to become followers.
If your brand is active on social media, posts regularly and responds to your customer’s comments, you’ll not only make them feel as though they’re part of the community, but the brand itself. The key is to make them feel heard and to make them feel like they’re not talking at a brand, but with a brand.
Make sure not to make it all about business either. Yes, you can share business updates, but also open up about other things that will facilitate emotional connections with your brand. For example, are there causes that your business or customers feel strongly about? If so, zero-in on them and make a difference.

2: Social Media as a Platform for Discussion
source: Aumcore.com
One of the biggest benefits of social media is that it starts the discussion. With a simple Facebook update or Tweet, your brand can open the stage for discussion that includes your customers in the mix. Through this, your business can gain valuable insights into your followers’ opinions and what current or potential customers want from you.
Also important is to show as opposed to tell. If your business has products, don’t just tell your audience, show them. Share a video that captures all the features and benefits they’ll gain from it. From there, listen to what they have to say and tailor future products accordingly.

3: Social Media as a Way to Manage Your Business’ Reputation
Today, companies have less control over their brand’s reputation than ever before. It’s all about customers, their opinions, and what conversations revolving around their brand are saying. If one person has a bad experience, you can bet that another will hear about it, then another, and so on; it’s an endless cycle that can spread news like wildfire.

For this reason, brands can use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to manage their reputation and curb any negative press that may be floating around. For example, imagine that there’s an unflattering story in the rumor mill that may or may not be based in facts. Whatever the case, enterprise social media can be used to solidify facts and eliminate speculation. The beauty of of social media is that, as we covered earlier, it’s a way of connecting with customers. After all, who better to say what’s what than the brand itself?

Final Thoughts
The impact of social media on the enterprises of today is far-reaching. As more and more people join social media every day, enterprises are taking note and are doing the same. Whatever their reasons, they’re realizing that enterprise social media can be used to their advantage in the following ways:
1. Social media is a way enterprises can connect with customers to form deeper connections
2. Social media is a platform for discussion that lets everyone’s voice be heard
3. Social media is a way enterprises can manage their reputation and set the facts straight

Best of luck with your social media marketing!

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