Friday, 6 February 2015

Enterprise Cloud Computing – Need of the Hour

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In 2015 we are taking a step forward and venturing into the third generation of the computer world. With the advent of the cloud, social and mobile technologies there has been a remarkable transformation noticed in various business models and consumer behavior. In the year 2015, many companies are expected to go for cloud computing to capture their visitor interaction and transform them into customers.

In this competitive environment many enterprises have started gearing up towards implementation of their clouds with automation feature be it a mixture of private and public. To make sure that the cloud services are much secure enterprises have invested much time in implementing guiderails around them. From 2012-2013, enterprises were focused on “what is cloud computing,” “build a cloud strategy” or “how to implement them. By end of 2014 things changed drastically and many progressive enterprises started knowing various cloud service models (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) and also started executing their cloud strategy.

Enterprises cloud computing refers to the computing environment which is adopted by many businesses across the globe.

The benefits of Enterprise Cloud Computing are as follows:

  • Helps to achieve superior speed and performance for IT resources
  • Helps to deliver web services, provide easy way to access the components that can be combined to meet business needs rapidly
  • More efficient utilization of IT resources
  • Lower IT infrastructure & operational costs
  • Reduce web application development time frames
  • Lower the software development cost for an enterprise
  • Efficient handling of the top demands for IT resources, like web applications and services.
  • Easy interface to the employees letting them leverage the functionality available in the web applications,
  • Prevent any security threat like onsite hacker attacks on the data in physical storage devices in the data center.

  • Why Cloud Computing implementation is necessary within an enterprise?

    Cloud computing helps to let your IT infrastructure expand or contract on demand through virtualization hence diminishing existence of any bottlenecks which occur while configuration, expansion and replacement of traditional on premise IT systems. So it becomes a necessity of the enterprises to go for cloud computing as it helps them to eliminate the typical challenges faced like loss of any physical data due to any natural calamity or any other attack on the IT infrastructure site within an organization. Hence developing a cloud computing framework lets enterprises provide fast and secure delivery of IT services.

    Cloud computing is composed to play a significant role in the tech industry now and in the near future. Gradually the number of products and services offered in the cloud computing space are also growing continuously. In the next post we will come up with what all opportunities are there for cloud computing to develop to get bottom-line returns for enterprises.

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