Monday, 7 January 2013

“Blingify” your enterprise business with Bing

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Bing, as we all know is a local search engine from Microsoft. On July 29th 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo declared a deal in which Bing would power Yahoo Search. All Yahoo Search global customers and partners are projected to have made the transition by early 2012.

Bing is the primary alternative to Google for all other online searches, and it has a built-in audience. Today, millions of people are using Bing on everyday basis for all local searching and for other surfing. So, it became quite an obvious that it is important for your business because people will search for your products and services online. You have to understand its importance towards your enterprise and for other custom developed web application that how it can be beneficial for them.  May be the percentage of people using Bing as search engine is less or they are just the local people around but you can’t ignore this percentage of people as local customers are really important for the business.

If compared to Google, Bing has a more inclusive review system. That’s because Bing is pulling information together from many sources to show the reviews of the companies in its local search results.

Bing It On

In the beginning of December 2012 Bing got the Internet’s attention with their latest campaign against Google i.e. the “Don’t Get Scroogled” campaign. This, of course, followed the Bing It On campaign launched earlier this year, which encourages people to engage in a blind taste test, comparing Google and Bing results.

You can’t neglect Bing, if you want people accessing to your business or the services more often. If you want higher page rank and traffic on your website it is advisable to get your business listed on Bing. Bing helps you to create better search optimization. You can create a business listing yourself on Bing’s website by starting here: Before posting it, be assured to complete all the fields details, upload images and complete the postcard verification for no mistake.

Bing Business Portal

The Geo-targeted marketing efforts like local listings are valuable if you take full advantage of them.  Local listings improve our organic ranking and allow more customers in your area to find you in a better and easy way.

The Bing Business Portal is in BETA.  If you already don’t have one, then you will have to have a Microsoft account to set up a listing first.  Once you sign in, set up is really easy. As with Google, you will be waiting for a pin to arrive in the mail and it takes about 7-10 days. In this, you just have to log-in to verify your business listing; and the listing will be done in least time.

Offers deals

Small business owners can create numerous different types of deals right in the Bing Business Portal i.e. from free offers to a percentage off or a dollar amount discount. Deals can be offered in a limited time range, and they can either be printable coupons or mobile deals that customers collect by using their phone.

With the help of enterprise application, it merge the content management, social computing, and search enhancing user experience and implementation which help user to save significant time and it reduces cost. So, for better growth and development bending your enterprise business horizon towards bing is worth a call.

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