Sunday, 6 January 2013

Benefits of Enterprise Application for Developers And Users

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In the previous blog I shared my views about the in-and-out of an “Enterprise Application Development” as promised lets discuss about its benefits to the organization.

enterprise application developmentAfter understanding the circumstance where you have decided to move towards enterprise application, it offers you many benefits and plus points with it. The major cause of an organization to move towards this implementation is to help the business to grow in a proper direction, make the process seamless and efficient. The productivity and ROI of the company increases and all other operational cost reduces.

Its Development and Deployment

In some exclusive enterprise, the applications are designed and deployed by the particular IT development team within that organization. However, there are some enterprises which may outsource these applications to be implemented in the organization. Today, implementing these enterprise application service providers are becoming more widespread. In this situation, the enterprise software is designed by a third-party application service provider (ASP) and lent to the enterprise, as an on-premise i.e. internal corporate network or to the hosted service via the Internet or cloud services.


Here I have mentioned the benefits associated to the business as well as to the developers into 6 major points:

1. It reduces burden to IT departments/increase independence for business users from IT: Well rather than being dependent on the IT staff to develop a new report each time, business managers and analysts can put all the other permutations and combinations to create their own control panels from which they can make seamless decisions.

2. Increase in Productivity: The key role of an enterprise application is to build a platform where it enables to reduce the amount of work they do in order to get data to business users so that they can take the decisions. If you keep an approach where even your non-technical staff can use and perform the process your overloaded IT staff can concentrate on other technical issues this definitely improves the performance of the organization.

3. Innovation come into the picture: Because now your process is user-friendly and user-driven, both the senior executives and line business staffs can explore new opportunities and solve problems in new ways. This definitely allows you to perform better and there is a lot of time to innovate something new this time.

4. Increase in the standardization throughout the enterprise: Using web data standards to access the critical information, it increases the standardization and improves the process altogether in the organization.

5. It improves the data security: It quickly influence the value of the existing data securely across widely dissimilar resources, to bring information into the customized user interfaces, portals or platforms.

6. App store model approach: Sometimes few micro applications are developed for an enterprise. This small alteration doesn't mean that the whole process needs to be changed instead go for app store model in which such small alterations are easy to implement and easy to use in an organization and it is beneficial for the developers too.

Enterprise applications are therefore one of the essential ingredient for successful business processes. For every successful web enterprises which rely on these effective business processes must go in for enterprise application integration for a complete control of that condition.

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