Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What is Desktop Virtualizations and What are the benefits to your Enterprise?

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Desktop virtualization also known as client virtualization, it’s an old concept in which it virtualizes desktop computers and these virtual desktops are later served to users on the network. In this, you interact with a virtual desktop same way you would interact a physical desktop. Another major benefit it gives that it let you remotely access your desktop from any location.

In today’s blog I will cover, How Desktop Virtualization is beneficial for the Enterprise Platform? What is the difference between Enterprise desktop and Desktop Virtualization? Why it is becoming popular with IT professionals?  And other related topics with it.

Is there a difference between Enterprise Desktop and Desktop Virtualization?

Well, there is no such difference between them; desktop virtualization is nothing but a modern and improvised version of enterprise desktop. The technology used in virtualization is being changed and enhanced with the presence of totally unique server consolidation, desktop & application virtualization.

According to Gartner Inc. (industry’s one of the best researcher), has stated that “virtual desktop would increase up to 49 million units and the revenue from the market will reach nearly $65 Billion in the year 2013.”

What is Application Virtualization?

It enables enterprises to meet the needs of users and IT by authorizing it from anywhere and because of it productivity of application deployment gets accelerated. It provides user access to applications available on any authorized mobile device without any application installation. Benefits are – it simply increases business alertness through faster application deployment and updates with no user interruptions. It uses SaaS model which gives business to deploy rich applications with high reliability at a low risk.

Why it is becoming popular with IT professionals?  

Desktop virtualization is based on two fundamental capabilities i.e. abstraction and isolation.  

There are many other basic factors of desktop virtualization which are gaining popularity in IT professionals and the main reason is ability to separate or isolate the virtualized hardware, operating system, application and user configuration layers. It mainly let you update and manage one layer without affecting the other layers. It also offers an increased level of flexibility as well as ease of management. Because of the flexible computing it mainly helps the IT professionals to build, control and deploy the client image effectively. 

How Desktop Virtualization is beneficial for the Enterprise? 

Virtualized Desktops offer a greater level of flexibility and mobility i.e. impossible with a standard desktop, along with a worldwide access to a personalized machine, without carrying a laptop. There is no doubt that the server hosted desktop virtualization can offers a number of benefits such as simplifying life-cycle management, reduced distributed hardware cost, reduced support cost, etc. other benefits of this application development are –

"A video Link given explains the concept: - How it is beneficial for IT professionals and to the users"

Security: You definitely have an upgraded security. IT managers are easily able to isolate the breached or virus infected systems of clients very quickly and remove the affected systems.
Flexibility: It delivers greater flexibility in order to maintain the administrative system centrally.
Centralized management: Due to virtual architecture, management and control of the operating system, applications and data are centralized. 
Remote Access to applications and data: Users has the ability to access the data from anywhere with an authorized mobile devices.
Disaster Recovery: As the applications and data are centralized in a secure data center, the backup and recovery could be done more easily and effectively. 
Cost Savings: It helps in saving cost and maintenance charges which reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and increases Return of Investment (ROI).

Any virtual industry can be profited in terms of using this solution. It has already gaining a good hold in the education, finance, government and healthcare market sectors. The main benefits are – centralized management, flexibility, enhanced security and remote access makes it an attractive option for IT.

In the next blog, we will discuss another beneficial solution for your organization. Till then, keep up the good work and work seamlessly. 

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