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7 Benefits Fueling the Adoption of Mobile Apps by Enterprises

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“I can’t use a mobile app for my business, there’s no use for it.” False, whether you’re a small business of a large enterprise, the benefits of mobile apps transcend industry and size. This is why a poll of mobility specialists focused on enterprise app trends found that 43% of respondents said increased productivity was their primary goal for an enterprise app rollout, and 22% said that new revenue or service delivery opportunities were the key focus.

Grow Your Business with a Mobile Application
At the end of the day, enterprise mobile apps have a positive impact on your bottom line. Internal apps are excellent employee tools to streamline tasks and create an efficient work environment, and external, client-facing apps give your business the added ‘oomph’ to get a leg up over your competition.
The point being that through mobile apps you can get the much needed boost to grow your business. How? Well, to whet your mobile appetite, here are 7 benefits you can expect by adopting the enterprise app trends and getting a mobile app for your business.

1: Streamline Tasks with Internal Apps
The first benefit comes from internal apps. Look at this way, who knows more about the day-to-day activities that it takes to make a business run that the employees who spend their days in the front line?
Employees know what works and what doesn’t. Listen to any watercooler conversation and you’re bound to hear things like, “if only I could ________, I would work so much faster!” or “man, that ________ is really cutting my productivity. We should ________.”
Listen to your employees and help them help you.

2: Open a New Revenue Channel

The next set of benefits come from client-facing enterprise mobile apps. These are the ones that have the most impact on growth, as they’re usually associated with increased revenue. As such, our second benefit is creating a whole new revenue channel.

Most easily observed by those in ecommerce, pairing an app with your business can lead to a drastic revenue influx. An ecommerce business has a leg up over normal brick and mortar shops in the sense that they’re ‘open’ 24/7, offering their products and services around the clock in the form of a website. Add a mobile app in the mix and you not only have 24/7 coverage, but also mobility.
Mobility translates to sales at any time, in any place. You can also send push notifications every now and then with special offers to incentivize your users to make a purchase.

3: Stay Ahead of Your Competition
There are two possible scenarios when talking about mobile apps and your competition:
1. Neither you nor your competition have a mobile app.
2. Your competition has a mobile app and you don’t.
In the first scenario, you need to take the first step and get ahead of them, and in the second, you need to catch up with them and compete. The truth is that in the consumer’s mind, a business with an app is better than one without. Pairing an app with your business demonstrates that you want make a connection with your users; you want to facilitate future interactions with your brand.

4: Greater Customer Convenience
Leading off of the previous benefit, a mobile app is excellent for making your users’ lives easier. Being a consumer yourself, you know that a three-step purchase journey is better than a five-step journey. Similarly, a mobile app that gives users the same functionality as a desktop site, with the added benefits on this list, is great for making your customers’ lives easier.

5: Improve Your Branding Efforts
Do you know what a splash screen is? If not, it’s the loading screen that appears when you launch an app. Anyway, by putting your company’s logo or slogan on your app, you’re essentially solidifying your brand in your user’s mind every time they open it. And as we covered earlier, push notifications are excellent for getting their attention. Use them every now and then with updates or informative content that ensures you’re a constant presence on their phone and mind.

6: Foster Customer Loyalty
With customer loyalty program in place that rewards users for purchases or referrals, you’re bound to see a spike in repeat purchases and conversions. This is because everyone likes deals, everyone likes saving money, and everyone likes exclusivity.
An easy option is to implement a program that rewards purchases with points that can be used for anything from discounts from future purchases to free giveaways. This ensures that customers stay loyal and keep coming back to you for more.

7: Increase Customer Satisfaction
Rounding up the list of benefits is something that can make or break your business, customer satisfaction. The simple reality is that an unhappy customer is a ticking time bomb that you need to diffuse. Just like positive reviews can turn potential customers into customers, negative reviews do the opposite and deter future prospects.

Enterprise mobile apps with a 24/7 customer service feature are perfect for unhappy customers because you’re giving them an option to vent and relieve their frustrations. Even if you don’t have someone working around the clock answering calls, the option to send a report or email can act as a temporary salve to ease their frustrations until you can get in there and take care of the situation.

Wrapping Up
There are instances in life in which it’s best to be a follower. This is exactly the case when it comes to following enterprise app trends. And in case you forgot, here are some benefits of pairing your
business with an app:

1.Streamline Tasks with Internal Apps
2.Open a New Revenue Channel
3.Stay Ahead of Your Competition
4.Greater Customer Convenience
5.Improve Your Branding Efforts
6.Foster Customer Loyalty
7.Increase Customer Satisfaction

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