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Increasing Enterprise Trend of Creating Mobile & Wearable Device Apps

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As we can see mobile app industry is emerging from smartphones, iPhones and Phablets, tablets to incredible wearable devices and Internet of Things with remarkable features. It has changed the world. Nearly 138.80 billion mobile apps downloaded in 2014 worldwide and are expected to reach 179.62 billion in 2015. In the same way the mobile app development market is booming and continuing to grow year after year to fulfil all the basic needs of users. At present there are huge number of mobile and wearable apps in the market for messaging, shopping, navigation, music, exercising and anything you can think of.

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In the coming year’s mobile app & wearable device app development is expected to grow at faster rate with more advanced features and amazing platforms. So to meet all the requirements of the upcoming technologies and consumers, companies are coming up with more innovative ideas and concepts for mobile and wearable device application development. Organizations are trying best to launch their products faster by reducing the time frame of development.

Cloud technology plays an important role in mobile app development - With the increasing usage of smartphones, wearable devices and internet of things, it is required for the developer’s to integrate their apps on multiple devices. So here cloud technology comes into trend which enables developer to build the application that can successfully run on various devices without changing the functionality, content and data.

According to a very popular analyst 19% of online sales are made with smartphones and tablets in year 2014, which will continue to grow in coming years as more and more mobile apps come into trend. Mobile Payment, m-commerce is now replacing e-commerce, people are shifting towards mobile devices to make their payments, and as a result demand for more mobile payment apps development is increasing. Apple Pay, Google Wallet for online purchasing are becoming more common instead of paying with credit or debit card.

Here Infographics showing the devices are more widely used in present era and it will also help the marketers for which platforms they should concentrate more:

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Wearable technology is the most appealing trend since 2014. Till now companies are focussing on transport, fitness and healthcare industry but due to its popularity and user requirement, enterprises concentrating more to improve its functionality and productivity. Many industries like Health, Fashion, Textile and Entertainment industry adopting wearable technology and so app development industry focussing more and more on  wearable app development to fulfil the needs of the various enterprisers and customers.

Hence there is incredible opportunity for the app developers to come up with more innovative and useful apps in the market for users and build & manage the applications for the enterprises.
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Below is the link of some incredible innovation around wearable device - 

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