Monday, 12 May 2014

Why One Need an Enterprise CRM and Should You Move to Cloud CRM?

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We all are aware what CRM is. It actually helps an enterprise to manage the relationship with their customers in quite an effective and organized manner. It primarily focuses on sales and marketing organizations and help them in enhancing their campaigns, promotions and lead generations activities with the help of a well-defined application which keeps a track on all these activities, so that you don’t miss any beat of it and track all the phases of sales cycle effectively. So, CRM ideally helps an organization to understand the customer better, retain them and also help in creating new leads to expand the business which ultimately increases profitability and reduces the cost of managing customers and clients.

Do you need CRM?

Many CRM vendors offer enterprise CRM to the organization but it’s you who have to understand the need of your company. CRM software automate the customer-facing processes and help your organization to keep a proper track on this, if your organization is maintain multiple-sales and marketing team across the globe then CRM is a must have.

A CRM ideally coordinates all the cross-functional processes that control sales and service of customers. It enables the relationship of information sharing between the employees those are working directly with prospects and clients. It is not just sales and marketing staff, but also help desk teams, accounting, call center representatives, and many more. Additionally, it offers real-time customer information too. So, if your company deals with customers and you are facing a real hard time to keep a track of their records and updates, then CRM is for you!

Although one need to understand that CRM implementation is really tricky and if it’s not implemented properly by the professionals then it would not help you in organizing the organization work and also leads to invested money loss. So it is always advisable to choose a company which are pro in their job and understand the development and implementation in an appropriate way.

Benefits of Enterprise CRM

  • Quick Deployment.
  • Simple, Flexible and automated.
  • Defines the process view and scope of the business process.
  • Ultimately helps the end users.
  • With secure and robust platform there is a proper control and reduces the slip-up in the process.
  • Low Upfront Costs and Better Operating Expense Predictability.

Now a days, it seems like everything is moving to cloud. So, the question arises should you move your current CRM to cloud as well? CRM is an important enterprise application and laying it on a cloud is becoming a popular proposal with many businesses. The best thing about Cloud CRM is it ensures availability of updated information round the clock. But before you start exploring shades of cloud CRM you must ask yourself the most important question, whether or not it will help improving your customer service?

Cloud offers –

  • Flexibility to upmarket or rationalize their technical capacities quickly. Since the services. provided through cloud are provision based and it can be adjusted as per user requirements.
  • Have remote workforce and needs control and monitoring of their work.
  • The support of social media which helps in engaging customers better.
  • Reduces dependency of the IT department.

The greatest advantage of hosting CRM on cloud is that, it allows organizations become proactive instead being reactive to customer requirements. It helps in creating a unified platform that simplifies uniting of all departments like sales, marketing and customer services department in a single line.

At the end, all I can say; CRM is no doubt beneficial and moving towards Cloud make you more proactive but one should always be careful while choosing a right CRM, every company’s need and prospects are different. While opting for a CRM, always consult and choose what is suited for you the best and gain the maximum profits. Finally, I would really like to know; what is your take on this topic? And what do you think over it?


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