Friday, 29 November 2013

What Is 3D Digital Simulation and Planning?

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There is no doubt that simulation is not a new phenomenon, it has been with us for over two centuries. But now, with new technologies and expansion in computer software’s the process of simulation is on great high. Simulation is a great tool for conducting research and security practices and many countries use simulation in border security as well.

 Many industries have put their effort towards enhancing the process of simulation in order to have a clear and well planned operations. Earlier 2D simulation were giving an idea of the real world environment to the enterprises but now, with the development of 3D simulation the replication of real-life situation is way better than the 2D environment. It helps in better decision making as well as future planning.

Key advantages of 3D digital simulation are:

  • Continuous stream of statistics from numerous users, systems and networks
  • Visualization of surveillance data
  • Better details of the captured data
  • Easy comparison of different situations
  • Superior reports and data mining
  • Build your own story feature for the preparation of hypothetical situations

3D digital visualization basically gives better understanding of the past events which helps in enhanced future planning. Accurate study of 3D models of historic monuments helps the ecologists in better research and investigation. With the help of 3D digital library, which is present in the software also helps them in the recreation of the event and also explain the same to other people.

Moreover, 3D digital diagrams can also help the students of history to better understand the past situation and it will also be very interesting in comparison to the text book theories which has been a traditional method of learning. Some of the common disciplines where this technology is doing wonders are Arts, Computer Science, History, Geospatial technology etc.

This technology can also be utilized before making a final change to the actual sites because one can see how the prospective change will likely to look on the actual sites. Most of geologists department are using this method to give trainings to the people who will be going to work on the actual sites. They assign the work and give the training by the simulated methods. This is bringing lots of accuracy in the operations.

“Rome Reborn” was one of the very famous project which was only possible because of this technology. The architectures were able to create the digital reconstruction of the whole incident. The objective of this whole project was to throw some light on ancient Rome and how over a period of time, it has been ignored by the people. This video was also broadcasted on television in order to promote the awareness among people.

Because, I have been doing some research on this topic I can certainly say that the process of simulation is very useful for all the departments and it is expected to be the future of security, planning and past event recreation. I hope more and more people use this technology to streamline the operations.


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