Tuesday, 12 November 2013

BYOD and Enterprise Mobility-Words That Will go together in Future

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Market has adopted BYOD with mixed reactions. Some thinks it’s a threat towards the security policies of the company, some takes this as an advantage to save lots of infrastructure cost of the
company. All in all, BYOD is able to grip the market. Some of the interesting facts about BYOD are:

  • Developed markets (UK, US etc.) are more open towards BYOD and about 44% of enterprises have already adopted this technology.
  • Every year more and more companies are offering tablets to their employees in order to enable them with the option of work-from-home.
  • Smaller businesses have faced less security breaches towards BYOD in comparison to large businesses.
  • The market of BYOD is expected to reach to $182 billion by 2017.
  • As much as 69% of employees use tablets to read and write e-mails.

BYOD and Enterprise Mobility

BYOD is very beneficial for every company, small or big irrespective. Lot of companies are revamping their security policies to suit the standard for BYOD. If a company has intact BYOD policy, they will be able to support their employees and their data will never get compromised. Some of the basic advantages of BYOD, are:

Usage of latest technologies without investing anything on the infrastructure.

  • Higher level of employee satisfaction Better results and higher productivity because employees are very comfortable with their own devices.
  • Very cost effective, now companies do not have to spend money on the infrastructure nor they are responsible for the upgrade.
  • It also give lots of flexibility to the employees, now they can connect their device with office cloud from anywhere.
  • Better workplace connectivity and enterprise mobility with mobile device Synchronization
  • With BYOD, your employees are always available. The companies can also get hold of them when they are at their home or while they are travelling.

Does this means BYOD has no risk at all?

No, we are not trying to say that certainly. Of course BYOD has its own risks and it is vital to take care of them before any company actually launch it. Some of the potential BYOD disaster can be:

  • Make sure that all the devices which your employees use are registered with company’s cloud. Anytime a device gets stolen or corrupted wipe the device from the server on immediate basis.
  • Install a good anti-virus on your employee’s device and tell them a regular maintenance routine.
  • Use a very strong password for your server and do not share this password with anyone. Control all the admin right by yourself.
  • Establish a list of devices which the employees can use in order to have a control over your office data.

If any organization takes care of all the above said points, they will certainly be able to introduce a very effective BYOD in their office which will reduce their infrastructure cost as well as give flexibility to their employees. This information is shared by a company who expertise in enterprise mobile application development.

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