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How Can Enterprise Application Integration Benefit Your Business?

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Enterprises of all sizes, from small to large, rely on a variety of software applications to execute critical business operations on a daily basis. In order to communicate with internal and external teams, maintain relationships with customers, acquire business intelligence, and carry out other business objectives, enterprises have had to rely and acquaint themselves with multiple software programs.

The issue here comes from the lack of coordination between the different applications. Some businesses turn to enterprise app development to create custom applications that maneuver around the issue, but to truly get passed it, you have to integrate enterprise applications into a single interface.

What Is Enterprise Application Integration?

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) enables data flow from programs by creating an interface that allows applications to communicate with each other. By bridging the gap between different software programs, EAI helps organizations exploit the full potential of their technology. Its implementation results in a well-rounded view of an organization’s business model, enabling higher operational efficiency.

How Can EAI Benefit Your Business?

The goal of EAI is to combine data generated by different programs to streamline business operations and create a more efficient business. It helps businesses remain flexible in terms of infrastructure. As we covered earlier, enterprises usually purchase a variety of software programs for alternate business operations. Some of the applications that EAI can target are related to:
Ecommerce Optimization
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Human Resources Data
Internal and Marketing Communications
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Because intercommunication in the above processes is not automated, they can’t communicate with each other, leading to inefficiency. And now, here’s how EAI can be of great benefit for your business:

Simplified Exchange of Information

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As the ‘integration’ part of its name implies, enterprise application integration allows the integration of different software programs. Naturally, what follows is a simplified flow of information between separate software programs.
If you think of the interface created by EAI as a single point of data access, those within and connected to the enterprise can access the combined data, eliminating redundancies that come with separate and detached systems. The outcome is a consolidation of data that’s not only easily accessible, but also a big time saver.

Automated Business Processes

Similar to a simplified flow of information, automated business processes are a natural byproduct of EAI because it streamlines operations from various applications. The combination of processes allows you to figuratively ‘kill two birds with one stone.”

Simplified Technological Processes

Not everyone can be tech savvy. It’s no great surprise that some people have a harder time that others adjusting to new technologies. This problem is magnified further when new applications and existing software don’t mesh well together. By combining the information and functionality of multiple programs into a single user-friendly interface, EAI reduces the complexities of technology that some people struggle with. As such, instead of learning various systems and applications, one need only familiarize themselves with one.

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Improved Efficiency

By nature, the single interface that EAI creates greatly improves efficiency. Organizations no longer have to go back and forth between applications when completing a task; they can quickly locate information in one simple place.

Picture an employee seeking to use information from one application for another. Without EAI they have to go back and forth between both, risking inconsistencies. These can be a missed word, number, or anything else that may arise out of human error. With EAI, on the other hand, everything is consolidated in one location. Easy, simple, and efficient.

Wrapping Up

Enterprise application integration is the answer to the question you didn’t know you had. With it, an enterprise can:
Manage the flow of information in a simple manner.
Automate business processes and streamline operations.
Reduce the complexities associated with new or challenging technologies.
Improve efficiency with a single interface that reduces the impact of human error.

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