Thursday, 10 October 2013

How To Successfully Adopt BYOD In Your Office

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As we all know BYOD is latest trend. Companies are picking up this culture eventually. Of course, there are some disadvantages to it as well. For lots of companies BYOD is a complete disaster which is waiting to happen. They think that companies have to let go of their security, policies etc. to implement BYOD in their office.

In all honesty, BYOD is not that bad. With a little active and advance work, the enterprises will be ready for a successful BYOD adaptation. Some of the ways by which you can manage it are-

Concrete password policy

There will be lots of users who will be logging to the network of the office and they will also be taking same device home with them. You do not want to keep a password which is easy to hack because then you will be compromising on the security of your official data. Create a very strong password and do not float your password on the floor. Also, make sure that you are changing your password on regular basis.

Compulsory device registration

Make sure to register each and every device of your employees. You will be able to track down a person easily if they abuse your system and will also be able to do damage control with it.

Do not support all the platforms

When you give permission for BYOD, you may be flooded with plenty of platforms like windows, iOS, blackberry, android etc. This can create trouble for your IT staff because they will be required to support all the devices. However, you can create the list of platforms you want to support in order to have a standard procedure for your IT department.

Enhance your network security

You have to lock your network down. Pause. You cannot actually rely on the firewall and dream of managing the network. It won’t happen that way. You actually have to purchase a hardware-based firewall and test it couple of times before floating it on the floor.

Implementation of company cloud

It is risky to allow your employees to let them use your remote services and let them access your company’s infrastructure. It is always advisable to create an isolated cloud so that they can easily access the files they need to work on outside the LAN.

Screen your network

Before you allow, BYOD to your employees you actually need to screen your network properly. You should be fully aware of all the devices which are present on your network in order to be easily able to identify if any new device pops-up.

If you will take care of all the above said points you will be able to launch BYOD successfully in your organization.

At last, BYOD is an innovative enterprise solutions which is creating rage in the industry. More and more enterprises are opting for this solutions in order to save their infrastructure cost. It will be interesting to see how big enterprises react towards BYOD.

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