Monday, 30 September 2013

3D Digital Sand Model Solution: Innovative and Robust Solution

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In last one decade, technology is basically covering all aspects of our day to day life. People are relying more everyday on technology to perform their daily tasks. The new introduction to this technology era is 3D digital sand model solution.

3D digital sand model solution is basically a new generation solution which replaces the traditional sand model room into the new digital sand model room. This solution aids in better planning, training and past incidents analysis. It is an enterprise solutions which helps in 3D terrain visualization, spot analysis and cohesive approach.

This digital sand model method is far better than the traditional method because traditional method loses part of collected data over a period of time. It also hinders the methodological approach that brings the final outcome. This solution also helps in keeping the track of the past record with minimum efforts. Enterprises can now evaluate all past events and then come up with the final strategy which can help the operations. Some of the very unique advantages of this solution, are-

1. Easy planning and implementation
2. Better data storage of past events
3. Helpful in staff training
4. Effective past events analysis
5. Practical and better visual quality of the real sites

Lots of paramilitary organizations are adopting this model slowly and gradually because this model allows them to have better judgment of the real-time situation. One can easily plan the whole execution of the entire operation while sitting in the small room. This solution also helps in assigning the task to each team member and specifying their location.

In August 2013, BSF Punjab Frontier India has implemented this solutions in their operations. Omnie solutions has developed and executed this robust innovative solution for them. It was Asia’s first ever 3D sand model solution which was implemented by BSF Punjab frontier. It is to be believed that other paramilitary department will soon follow them in order to have better accuracy in their department.

The solution is not only helpful for paramilitaries but this comprehensive robust solution can be implemented on any vertical of your business because accuracy in planning is vital for better results in a long run. One can also collaborate this solution with Augmented Reality.

Every solution has been tailor made as per the requirement of the enterprises. The main objective of this solution is to provide realistic event experience, smooth planning and execution. Even the server of this solution has better functionalities wherein, the enterprise can decide about the level of access given to each individuals. Nobody can enter into the system without the admin permission. At last, I can just say that this solution is dynamic and revolutionary which will become essential part of operations in near future. We hope all the enterprises can reap maximum benefit from this solution and can get better performance from their current resources.

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