Tuesday, 26 February 2013

BYOD is an upcoming trend but still why its not getting adopted generously

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What is BYOD?
BYOD stands for acronym “Bring Your Own Device”. With the emerging cycle of information technology (IT) in the consumer market, this trend is becoming popular day by day. It is actually phrase which means employees have to bring their own computing devices to the workplace like smartphones, tablets or laptops etc. This trend is mainly popular with educational, public, and medical sectors etc. but it is still struggling in the IT sector.

Over the last few years these technologies or trends are increasing immensely, though there are people who don’t believe in this concept because of safety and other security reasons. But to be really frank, BYOD management is safe when comes to security if you have a proper corporate network security in your organization.

The BYOD trend for both mobile byod and employee-managed applications is universal and growing. However, right now these services are most common within the smaller organizations, but now even very large enterprises are experiencing the impact of BYOD. It offers various benefits, including more efficient work by employees, possibly lower IT costs and improved corporate morale.

From a survey done Cisco IBSG, 2012 the percentage of companies that find security the top BYOD challenge are summarized as given below –

The main threat remains the same i.e. data security and authenticity. So, How to remove these threats –

• Change rights to employees and allow them to use devices and applications of their choice. By this, it will make them responsible for the authenticity of the applications and its security.
• A great way is an introduction to a remote wipe method from or within the enterprise in case a device is  lost and the company risks leaks of classified information to hackers.
• Put instructions in different places for compliance, management, risks and security.
• Make these instructions a formal policy; this way they will gain importance and seriousness in their work.
• Start all of the above with an experimental approach first is advised.

BYOD can actually help organizations to save money if the responsibility of purchasing, managing, and paying monthly fee is given to an employee. However, set policies are never going to be worth the time and effort if they are not followed. So I guess BYOD will definitely make an impact in the coming days.

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