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Enterprise Display - Deliver your message to the masses

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The term “Enterprise Display” refers to a wider display panel that is being used to show something to a large audience either related to a presentation or demo of a product in an enterprise. As the companies and their processes are getting smarter, so do the enterprise displays.

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Older enterprise display solutions are replaced by bigger display screens that are easy to connect, provide clarity that is way better than the previous options, have a smarter appearance, are easy to operate, and offer wider viewing angels and eliminates the need to shut down the lights of the room. Smarter companies make smarter choices and thus they are keen to find a smarter solution for displays as well.

Companies including Samsung, LG are market leaders in the Enterprise Display that are offering the best to their customers. The market of display enterprises has grown immensely, and today there are so many choices that enterprises can easily choose the best to serve their requirement.

Enterprise displays are not only confined to offices or corporate companies, their usage has further extended to retail hubs, shopping malls, entertainment hubs, and more, who cater a larger number of people. We often see a big display panel at these location types for displaying information, messages, commercial ads, or entertainment related visuals.

Uses of Enterprise Displays

As mentioned above, utility of enterprise displays has increased immensely. There are a number of ways in which the large size display can be utilized, some of them are given below, take a look.

1.Enterprise displays are important when there is need to address a large number of people at one time. Thus, enterprise displays are useful for giving presentations and seminars for corporate purposes.

2.Enterprise displays are highly useful during the training sessions. Training is important for any industry that regularly updates their employees with latest market trends, innovations and ways to achieve them. In this situation, a high quality display can prove to be of great help for the employees for understanding everything clearly.

3.Enterprise displays are also useful in connecting employees in different countries or regions through the medium of video call. It is a big advantage that a number of employees can talk to a person sitting in another corner of the world at the same time.

Imagine your CEO absent from the country, but wants to share an important message with all the people at one time –  enterprise displays are the best solution to solve this purpose.

4.Enterprise displays are also sometimes used for entertainment purposes, such as showing world cup matches of football or cricket in public places, stadiums, and organizations.

5.Big enterprise displays are high on trend in news channels. Some use a complete video wall made of different screen panels, whereas others use a big one-piece display to explain news to viewers.

6.Education is another big sector that is utilizing the benefits of a big screen display in schools and institutes. Explaining things and giving examples on videos allow the students to better understand things in an efficient way. Educational seminars that happen in auditoriums also utilize the big screen displays by educating mass audience in one go.

Growth of the Enterprise Display market

This fact can’t be denied – that displays have improved leaps and bounds in the last few years. Now display is one of the most important parts of any device. Display manufacturers have also completely transformed the way displays work compared to the original models. They have covered a long distance from a standard display to now including touchscreen and 3D-touch. 
Broadly, displays can be divided into the following eight segments:
1.Mobile phone displays
2.Tablet/ notebook display
3.TV panel
4.Automotive & aerospace
5.Wearable electronics
6.Industrial and professional display
8.Displays related to other applications

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The image given above shows the Compound Annual Growth Rate of display market for different segments from the year 2015 to 2025. As shown in the graph, Industrial and professional displays are expected to grow by 18% which is a substantial amount of growth in just 10 years. Touchscreen displays are also the new trend of the season for enterprises. 

Market Trends of Enterprise Displays
According to a market research firm IHS, the market for public displays that includes publicly displayed TVs was worth $5.206 billion in 2014 and it is likely to grow by $7.174 billion in 2017 and $8.77 billion by 2019. Samsung and LG are the top dominators in the field of enterprise displays. Their constant innovations in enterprise displays allow them to take a strong foothold in the industry. Other counterparts of the company include Asus, Sony, and Panasonic.

It is a competitive market that is growing stronger day by day. The competition is so close in fact, that companies can shuffle their positions with each other in no time. So stay tuned with us in the future as well to stay updated on the latest evolution of the industry.

Enterprise display is that part of the display market that is transforming steadily. The importance of enterprise display is increasing constantly for organizations and display makers as well, because they are growing strongly as a great source of revenue.

Adopt the latest technology and make your enterprise, institute, or shopping mall look smarter with latest LED displays that come with amazing functionality and easy connectivity features. Better enterprise displays will simplify office processes and contribute in organization’s growth as well. So make your workplace smarter with smarter enterprise displays.

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